What’s This About?

We are a community of business women, who really like yoga. We are everyday people. We aren’t particularly flexible, or bendy, or strong, but we share the passion for Yoga, for learning more, for doing more. We share ideas, tips, inspiration and other stuff to inspire us and each other, to do more.

This community was the idea of Paula, a career driven, late 30-something year old, wine and travel loving yogi. For years she has been searching for a yoga ‘home’, somewhere where she can hang out, and find that balances between her love of business (and her challenge with the stress of it) and her quest to improve herself mentally & physically…into a stronger, calmer, fitter and bendier person.

She started talking to a few friends who shared her challenges, her stress, her passion for yoga. Then she surveyed 100 women and over 70% wanted to fit in more Yoga. And the idea for Yoga Business Chicks was born….because a bunch of people want to find a way to do more Yoga..and need help with the ‘stuff’ that gets in the way!!!

Check out our Members, we are all women like you! So, here we come together to be inspired, to help each other out and hold each other accountable. Making the time for Yoga. Making it part of the plan. Making it a priority. For ourselves .

Because we all agree that it makes us feel SO MUCH better. Happier, centred, more energetic, calmer, clearer, taller, stronger.  

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