Our Founding Members

Bridget has been practicing Yoga on and off for 10 years, juggling it between working as a commercial lawyer, being a mum, travelling, a busy social life and lots of other things in between! Bridget likes Hatha styled yoga and enjoys the sense of calm it gives her. She likes the luxury of going to a studio, to truly get some ‘me time’, however also feels very proud of herself when/if she is able to juggle a home practice.
Bridget | London, UK
Favourite Asanas: Crow Pose + Spinal Twist / Most Challenging Asanas: Side Angle Pose + Warrior One
Ann has been practicing Yoga regularly for 16 years, managing to squeeze it in between being a single Mum to 2 little girls and working for herself as a bookkeeper. She finds that scheduling it into her lunch break twice a week works best and although she practices a variety of different types of Yoga, she currently enjoys Yin Yoga classes the most. Yin helps in balancing both my mind and body, helping with meditation and mindfulness. Ann loves the calmness and me time that Yoga offers her and enjoys practicing at the Egg of the Universe studio at Rozelle.
Ann | Stanmore - Sydney, Australia
Favourite Asana: Warrior 2 & Tree Pose / Most Challenging Asana: Camel Pose
Juanita has been practicing Yoga for 20 years, in one way or another. Early on it was a social activity inspired by housemates in trendy new Hatha studios around Annandale and Glebe, once she discovered Bikram studios it became a regular 'sport', pushing the limits of extension and striving for the yoga highs! Now a little more mellowed, yoga has developed into the best 'me-time' a girl could find amid a busy life of keeping green (inside and out), consulting clients and a busy social life. From the periods of full commitment, to the times yoga came second (or last) and is needed to 'quickly fix' some tensed up hips/hamstrings/shoulders/stress levels, yoga is a constant feature somewhere in her mix. Juanita appreciates the spontaneity and flexibility allowed by Gaiam TV online membership, and practices casually at InYoga studios in Surry Hills.
Juanita | Surry Hills - Sydney, Australia
Favourite Asana: King Pigeon / Most Challenging Asana: Crow Pose
Christina tried Yoga for the first time 13 years ago and has been practicing on and off since then. She uses Yoga as a great core and back strengthening exercise, preferring dynamic yoga such as power or something with a lot of vinyasa flow. Christina manages to fit Yoga in about once a week although it is one of her goals for 2015 to practice more often. She combines her practice with running, circuit training AND running her bespoke dressmaking business (If you need a faaaabulous wedding gown – she is your girl!)
Christina | Albion - Brisbane, Australia
Favourite Asana: Dancers Pose / Most Challenging Asana: Headstand and Crow Pose
Kath has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and loves it! She works in the city at Macquarie Bank in a very busy job and therefore finds balances it all a challenge. Her work days easily blow out with last minute deadlines and crisis, so her best opportunity to do Yoga is in the morning and on the weekend. She is a member of BondMindLife Studio at Bondi, but also likes trying different studios. She loves combining Yoga with something social, a post-yoga coffee, breakfast or walk.
Kath | Bondi Beach - Sydney, Australia
Favourite Asana: Shoulder Stand / Most Challenging Asana: Head Stand
Hannah is pretty new to Yoga, trying it out for the first time only 2 years ago during her time working with Lululemon. She now practices regularly and as a seasoned Crossfitter, she loves the mobility and suppleness that Yoga is (slooooowly) adding to her body. Her favourite type of Yoga is Power Yoga…and we secretly think that is because she is so good at push-ups! (weirdo!) She has also been kindly called a ‘brick’ by her yogi-friends which is all part of the social fun of yoga with friends. Hannah has had a long career in Sales and Marketing and is currently working on opening a Yoga Studio. We can’t wait to watch Hannah combine her passion for Yoga with her relationship and sales skills! Watch this space!
Hannah | Enoggera - Brisbane, Australia
Favourite Yoga Asana: Crow pose / Hardest Yoga Asana: Half split
Deb is reasonably new to Yoga, having taken her first class only 2 years ago. She quickly fell in love with Iyengar Yoga and became addicted to her local Yoga class routine and favourite teacher, Trish. Moving to San Francisco she was forced to widen her Yoga experience (scary!) and has loved trying new studios and classes. During the day Deb is BUSY! as a Marketing Professional and proud founder of 9-Boxes, a strategic marketing business. Deb loves the headspace and clear thinking that Yoga offers her and feels strong and calm after a good class of Yoga.
Debbie | Capitola - San Francisco, United States
Favourite Asana: Bridge / Most Challenging Asana: Plank
Paula started this community to create a place to feed her passion, talking about and doing more Yoga! Falling in love with Yoga 10 years ago, finding it the only 'thing' to combat her stress from a too-busy corporate job, she was instantly hooked, even managing to drag friends to a Friday evening Yoga class (before heading to the pub!). A big believer in balance, Paula takes what feels right from yoga and is the first to admit she often 'isn't very yogi'. A lover of all things food, wine and travel, she loves exploring the variety of Yoga and trying new studios all a round the world.
Paula (Founder) | Wooloowin - Brisbane, Australia
Favourite Asana: HeadStand / Most Challenging Asana: Eagle Pose