How Yoga can help relieve Anxiety?

Sometimes life can feel like a constant state of stress and strain. Pressures from work, home, family, society, community. It’s no wonder that we might become anxious. For some people, this feeling of anxiety happens as a normal part of their everyday lives and it can become a battle to face, control and deal with it day after day. For others, it may just happen from time to time, when something thing(s) overwhelm us. Anxiety can come in many forms, panic attacks, phobias or even as simple as feeling social tension. Read More

How Music in a Yoga class can HELP you

Music plays a huge part of our everyday lives. Music marks memories, creates and stimulates emotions and can change our moods (positive or negative) in a split second…So when it comes to yoga, how does music help or hinder? Read More

SUP Yoga (Stand-Up-Paddle boarding Yoga) : The history and some surprising facts you may not know

 You may be hearing the term SUP or Stand Up Paddle boarding and you may have even heard about doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard a.k.a. SUP Yoga. This fun activity has grown its popularity from Hawaii and to many other countries. Lots of people who love the sea or the water would go on their paddleboards to surf the waves…. Read More

9 Ways that Yoga WILL Help you be a Better Leader

There is a lot of myth busting that is required when it comes to Yoga. Some think it’s for hippies or only for very-flexible 20-something young girls. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you (why would it?) Read More

The Real Benefits of Yoga… Or is it just a lazy person’s exercise regime?

Increasingly, people seem to be talking a lot about what is and isn’t good for us.  Everyone is talking about what we should and shouldn’t do, ranging from what we eat (nutrition), to where we live (pollution & the planet) and of course all that chat about Read More

Yoga Fun: Top 10 Signs you Might need to HIDE your yoga habit.

We all know those people who take things a bit too far. Have you ever wondered if you might be becoming one of them…and getting ‘a bit too much’ into Yoga?  Take our quick quiz to see …..


Read More


I just watched a marketing video which talked about the importance of being you. Not being the person you think you should be. It’s a concept of course I’ve heard before but not linked to marketing, but it makes so much sense to me. Read More

“Creating a habit is hard. Sustaining that habit is even harder. You need a strong sense of purpose, a really good checklist AND a whole lot of Fun.”