How Music in a Yoga class can HELP you

Music plays a huge part of our everyday lives. Music marks memories, creates and stimulates emotions and can change our moods (positive or negative) in a split second…So when it comes to yoga, how does music help or hinder? Read More


I just watched a marketing video which talked about the importance of being you. Not being the person you think you should be. It’s a concept of course I’ve heard before but not linked to marketing, but it makes so much sense to me. Read More

Excuses or Priorities?

Excuses or Priorities?

We all know nothing happens by chance.  We need a plan, a list and a schedule if there is going to be any chance of it getting done. So why do we feel so surprised…. Read More

Never stop trying to find the time… improve yourself

This video is not new. It was published to YouTube in 2012 and shared the wonderful story of a 47 year old Veteran. He couldn’t walk or run. Exercise seemed impossible. And then he found YOGA… Read More