SUP Yoga (Stand-Up-Paddle boarding Yoga) : The history and some surprising facts you may not know

 You may be hearing the term SUP or Stand Up Paddle boarding and you may have even heard about doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard a.k.a. SUP Yoga. This fun activity has grown its popularity from Hawaii and to many other countries. Lots of people who love the sea or the water would go on their paddleboards to surf the waves…. Read More
Graham Norton meets Yoga Teacher

FUNNY Video time….this made me laugh so hard!!! Graham Norton meets Yoga Teacher Emily Collins …live….hilarious.. (credit: The Graham Norton Show)  

Click below to watch the video in full…

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Mysore – What the??

I’ve just returned from my first Mysore Ashtanga class at YogaDoor New Farm… and it was a pretty different experience. Strange, challenging but also enjoyable in a whole new way. So what is it all about and what makes it so different? Read More

Young Yogi challenging an Old Master

FUNNY Video time….this made me laugh so hard!!!

Thursday FUNNY Video time….ever found yourself in an ego battle in a yoga class? ….you might relate… (credits: jhanra21) Read More

Yoga Fun: Top 10 Signs you Might need to HIDE your yoga habit.

We all know those people who take things a bit too far. Have you ever wondered if you might be becoming one of them…and getting ‘a bit too much’ into Yoga?  Take our quick quiz to see …..


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FUNNY: If Ghandi Took a Yoga Class (Video)

Get ready to wet your pants with this funny take on the changes Western society have made to Yoga. Watch Ghandi’s reaction to Lululemon references, overuse of ‘Namaste’ and much more. College Humor do it again convey their opinion in a very funny, tongue-in-cheek way. … Read More