How Music in a Yoga class can HELP you

Music plays a huge part of our everyday lives. Music marks memories, creates and stimulates emotions and can change our moods (positive or negative) in a split second…So when it comes to yoga, how does music help or hinder? Read More

Mysore – What the??

I’ve just returned from my first Mysore Ashtanga class at YogaDoor New Farm… and it was a pretty different experience. Strange, challenging but also enjoyable in a whole new way. So what is it all about and what makes it so different? Read More

The Real Benefits of Yoga… Or is it just a lazy person’s exercise regime?

Increasingly, people seem to be talking a lot about what is and isn’t good for us.  Everyone is talking about what we should and shouldn’t do, ranging from what we eat (nutrition), to where we live (pollution & the planet) and of course all that chat about Read More

Yoga Stretches for a Sore Back

Suffer from back pain? Ever wondered what you could do at home, to save on those physio, chiro of massage bills? Here we offer some suggestions about how we keep lower back pain at bay Read More

Travel Yoga Tips for Business

Quite a few of us travel for work, and we know that our exercise and health routine can go flying out the window, if we aren’t careful.   We spoke to a few women who travel regularly Read More