Health Benefits of Yoga

There is an increasing awareness around what is and isn’t good for us.  Everyone is talking about what we should and shouldn’t do, ranging from what we eat (nutrition), to where we live (pollution) and how we should look (weight, fitness, exercise), so it’s no doubt that a lot of people ask about the benefits of Yoga.

Western medicine has proved and now recommends Yoga for it’s wide ranging list of benefits which include:

Physical Benefits:

  • suppleness/mobility of the spine and joints
  • strengthens, tones and builds muscles
  • improves digestion
  • Increases circulation
  • relaxes your nervous system
  • boosts your immune system
  • relives muscle strain
  • increases stamina
  • increases balance and co-ordination
  • encourages weight loss

Mental Benefits:

  • calms and quietens the mind (if you don’t concentrate you’ll fall over!)
  • centres your attention (concentration = focus)
  • teaches you to block out distractions (see above), which can benefit you outside a yoga class
  • creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, through challenge and improvement

The great thing about Yoga is that is can be literally practised by anyone, as it can be as intense or as easy as the participant chooses to make it, therefore allowing it to be practised by anyone, any age, body type or starting point.